Thank you, co-ops!

CorporateSep 24, 2019
Welcome Omar, Brady, and Jagneet!

As a new semester gets underway, SigMast greets a new group of co-op students while saying goodbye to another. In 2019, we welcomed nine co-op students that helped us develop solutions to projects that have real impacts. These talented people made their mark at SigMast and without them, many of our projects wouldn’t be what they are today. At SigMast, co-ops don’t just learn on the job; they also share their knowledge and contribute to new solutions.

Since our first intern joined our team in 2010, dozens of students have completed their co-ops with us and used the experience they gained to continue their learning journey and launch their careers. While the roots of the students that join us originate in almost every corner of the country and beyond, what they all share is a passion for technology and learning.

As our new group of co-op students is starting to settle into our colourful workspace, we asked them to share their experience with SigMast so far:

Why did you choose SigMast for your co-op?

Brady: I chose SigMast for my co-op placement because I wanted to gain real experience in the industry. My programming will make it to production at SigMast which I feel gives meaning to my work.

Jagneet: I chose SigMast because the company was working with telecommunications and developing applications. One of my friends used to work here before I started my co-op and she said that as a student you get to learn a lot in the company. 

How was your first week? 

Brady: My first week at SigMast was very informative. My team was able to explain complicated concepts in such a way they were understandable. Every day, I build on the knowledge of the previous day. The work environment is incredibly supportive and friendly.

Jagneet: My first week have been really good. My team is helping me learn things and people are really nice and friendly around the office.

We’ve also have had the pleasure of former co-op students joining us full-time. Yebin is the most recent co-op student to go full time and we asked her about her time as a co-op and how it helped her studies and work today:

What’s something you learned during your time as a co-op?

Yebin: I have completed my first and second co-op terms with SigMast and I would say that I learned different skills from each. In the first co-op term, I mostly spent my time understanding the technology behind RCS. I would also say that I learned time management skills, how teamwork is important in the workplace and in communicating with each other. Afterward, I was able to more easily understand new concepts at school and had more confidence while I worked with group projects.

I was able to learn more technical skills in the second co-op term since I already had a basic knowledge of the software. I developed an automation framework that is helpful to our team, gained debugging skills, and learned how the network and server work. This was very helpful when I later took the network computing course at university. 

Our teams are eager to share and learn while continuing to fuel the passions of students and teach them new skills through meaningful work. We would like to thank all our current and former co-op students for the hard work and look forward to what innovative work the latest group brings.