Samsung and RCS

IndustryApr 27, 2018

As part of the GSMA’s Partner Interview series, Samsung Senior Vice President, Yunsang Park answered some questions about RCS and the vision Samsung has for its future.

    1. Can you tell us what you are doing in RCS?
      I am responsible for developing carrier related businesses in Samsung. RCS and MaaP is one of the projects of my department.
    2. What is Samsung’s vision for RCS?
      We strongly believe that the messaging market should be driven by carriers and OEMs. Currently, the domination of messaging markets by OTTs has many negative effects on the carrier business in general. We believe that RCS will be a wonderful opportunity to initiate the activity of re-organising the messaging market for carriers.
    3. What services do you currently offer?
      We offer RCS backend hosting services, MaaP hosting services and RCS hub hosting services, depending on the readiness of each carrier.
    4. What advantages does RCS give to brands over traditional SMS?
      RCS gives much richer functions compared to SMS. Basically, RCS provides all the necessary functions that are provided by OTTs. In addition, RCS can provide value added services using MaaP, as defined by the GSMA.
    5. What challenges does RCS face in being more widely adopted?
      It will be very difficult to penetrate the messaging market in some countries, where OTT messaging is seen as the dominant messaging service. We believe this would be challenge, but one which can be overcome in time.
    6. Why is Samsung supportive of the GSMA A2P Future Messaging community?
      Samsung has grown its business with the growth of carriers. We feel that it is our duty to support all the activities of the GSMA because it represents the interest of carriers.