Samsung RCS Hub

Extend the reach of your RCS services

The Samsung RCS Hub provides mobile network operators with the functionality needed to extend the reach of Rich Communication Services (RCS) beyond their own networks. By providing interconnectivity with other RCS operators, this important component of the Samsung RCS Solution creates a universal advanced messaging service among mobile network operators that have chosen to interconnect.

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With the introduction of Samsung RCS Hub, operators can interconnect and exchange RCS messages with other RCS enabled operators. Interconnection services with other RCS operators include:

  • Capability exchange
  • Chat
  • Group chat
  • Enriched calling
  • HTTP-based file transfer
  • MSRP-based file transfer

Samsung RCS Hub provides signaling normalization between variants and supports the following requirements:

  • GSMA IR.90 RCS Interworking Guidelines
  • Relay INVITES, OPTIONS, MESSAGES for SIMPLE ↔ SIMPLE interconnections
  • Relay INVITEs, MESSAGEs, SUBSCRIBEs, NOTIFYs for CPM ↔ CPM interconnections
  • SIP and TEL URI schemes

One of the primary functions of the Samsung RCS Hub is to determine the destination operator for an RCS message/session. This enables mobile network operators to provide global RCS services, without having to interconnect with every other RCS operator.

The Samsung RCS Hub provides this discovery and routing through:

  • An eNum or another routing service.
  • An internal system routing configuration.

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